Meet Chef Moe

Bringing Bold and Authentic Cuisine to Central Indiana

I was born in the small Middle East country of Irbid, Jordan where I was one of six children.  As a young adolescent, I had a strong desire to be a business owner of some sort.  I would constantly collect and resell items that I could obtain until I was old enough to start working.  My first job, I worked at a grocery store restocking shelves but knew I wanted to do more with in life.  I got the opportunity to come to America in October of 2012 with help from my Uncle who is a professor here in the United States.  I never envisioned coming to America and my original dream was to travel to Europe, but I packed what I could take and left for the United States 2 weeks later.  I started my journey here in Alabama.  I only knew a few English words and very little about the American culture, but I immediately began taking ESL along with other college courses.  I got a job quickly on campus and when I had the time between school and work, I would go exploring.  I checked out different museums, different historical sites and just tried to engage with the American culture and learn how they live.  After completing a few semesters in Alabama, I decided that I wanted to explore other parts of the United States.  I switched schools and made my way to Oklahoma where I continued my schooling.  I met new people, made some new friends and began working more to pay for my schooling.  After spending less than a year in Oklahoma, I decided to go to Houston, TX and go to school there.  I fell in love with the Houston atmosphere and I consider Houston, TX to be my “American hometown”.  It was Houston where I met my best friend and found my love for cooking.  I worked for various restaurants both as a waiter and cook.  Because of the large Arab population in Houston, that is where I learned how to cook Mediterranean Food.  From there, I began perfecting my passion while adding my own style and flare to traditional Mediterranean dishes.  It was in Houston where I realized that I wanted to own my own restaurant one day.  I worked hard both in school and at work and saved all the money that I could.  I was in Houston, TX until 2016 where I received some devasting news.  I knew I needed a change of scenery and decided to make the 17-hour trip to Indianapolis, IN where I had friends and family.  
From 2016 until now, I continued to work hard, saving all the money I could in order to fulfill my dream of owning my own restaurant.  During that time, I met both wife and daughter and we became a family.  They have constantly supported me and my dreams.  We finally found the store that would become what is now HelloGyro.  My partner and I signed the lease on February 22, 2020 and instantly started building.  COVID-19 hit the United States in March 2020.  I felt like this was “just my luck”: I sign a lease for a restaurant and right after, a global pandemic hits us and shuts the entire country down.  My wife kept me positive and told me it was giving us time to build and make the restaurant the way I envisioned.  Through many long hours, sweat and tears, HelloGyro was finally able to open its doors on May 23, 2020.  After 8 years in the United States, I finally got to accomplish my original dream of being a business owner.  There is much more to do, especially during these trying times, but I am so thankful for all the support we have received. I get to share my passion for cooking high quality Mediterranean food and share a piece of my culture with the American people.  I look forward to providing you with the highest quality and authentic Mediterranean cuisine for years to come.